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Recruitment Operations

Upon receiving manpower requisition from clients, we immediately browse through existing computerized databank & advertise short falls in trade papers/leading dailies.

Short listed candidature are called for preliminary interview during which their genuineness for the employment is ascertained, candidates satisfying technical criteria are put in list of final selection to be decided either by client or if we are authorized then by reliable trade test centres.

Selected candidates then attend medical examination at clinics of GCC approved doctors.

On receipt of fitness certificates, passports of candidates are submitted for visa endorsement.

On receiving Visa stamped passports, emigration related formalities are completed.

After arranging air tickets, a schedule of mobilization is prepared & clients are informed about expected arrival dates.

As soon as departure from the airport takes place, candidates arrival information is sent to the clients.

The entire cycle takes about five weeks and in urgent cases, it is reduced to 3 weeks or so.


A comprehensive list of documents required to handle recruitment operations right from searching the candidates to his/her final placement.

  • Demand Letter
  • Power of Attorney
  • Service Agreement
  • Commercial Registration Certificate copy
  • Visa Slip and E-Vakala (Electronic Vakala)
  • Job description with selection criteria
  • PTA (if possible)

Sample of Demand Letter

Sample of Power Attorney

Sample of Visa Slip and E-Vakala